Woven Green invites listeners to embark upon the mythic journey towards inner alchemy, helping to awaken sacred connection with the earth, cosmos, and the unified source within us all.

Woven Green uses sound as an intentionally activated energetic tool to elevate and realign listeners to a higher and more harmonious frequency. Employing a powerful synthesis of ancient and modern sound healing instruments, techniques, and modalities, Woven Green creates a vibratory state designed to restore resonance in mind, body, and spirit. Their Soundscapes are designed to guide listeners into theta brain wave states, which are proven to help reduce stress, awaken intuition, enhance creativity, and promote an overall expanded state of well-being.

Attendees of their live events and workshops and fans of their Soundscapes CD have reported profound transcendental experiences, enhanced inner vision, stress relief from chronic anxiety and pain, and the activation of creativity.

Husband and wife team, Jim and Ashley Cash are the visionaries behind Woven Green’s various musical expressions and applications. In addition to their work with the healing power of sound, the couple is also known for their uplifting and inspiring songs, and for their leadership as award-winning visionary musicians.

Jim and Ashley have been actively performing their blend of contemporary folk, rock, world, and new age music throughout the DC metro area for more than 10 years in both duet and ensemble form. In 2014 Jim and Ashley became especially inspired by the power of sound to bring about transformative states of consciousness and they began studying the healing power of sound and experimenting with their Soundscapes

. Woven Green released their first self-produced and highly acclaimed CD of meditation music in June of 2015 and went on to launch multiple, ongoing live Soundscapes series. In 2017 they released their debut full-length album of original songs, Woven Green Into Bloom. The award-winning album is a musical journey of healing, transformation, liberation, true love, and hope for all.

Woven Green is currently recording their next series of Soundscapes CDs. They hold regular events throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and continue to be dedicated to their message oriented music as a vehicle for effecting positive change.


Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein

The human being holds a universe within, filled with overlapping frequencies, and the result is a symphony of cosmic proportions.”
-Dr. Masaru Emoto, Hidden Messages in Water

Quantum physics tells us that all existence is vibration: from the chair you may be sitting on, to the atoms that make up your physical body, to the thoughts generated in your mind. When it comes to sound and music, this is a very easy concept to understand. Each note that you hear vibrates at a specific frequency. We measure those frequencies in kHz. For example, middle C played on a piano vibrates at a rate of 432kHz, at a major 3rd above that, we have the note A at 440kHz. The chair vibrates at a specific frequency, your bones vibrate at a specific frequency; but we cannot hear these frequencies because they are outside of the audible range of the human ear.

We are all vibratory beings made up of a symphony of frequencies. When something is out of tune, we experience dis-ease. We are living in a world that is out of tune, out of balance. We are often out of tune with each other, out of tune with nature, out of tune with ourselves. In our modern lifestyles, we regularly experience chaotic bombardment of lower vibration fields – the electromagnetic frequencies that are emitted from all of our devices, wifi, florescent lights, and computers. Moreover, there’s the challenge of absorbing and being unconsciously or consciously drawn into negative emotional fields generated from high-stress working and living environments. It’s no wonder that more and more people are seeking alternative lifestyle choices and turning to ancient healing modalities such as sound healing, to re-balance and revitalize their lives.

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